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George Whitefield

Great Awakening Preacher of Preachers!

George Whitefield

George Whitefield - (December 16, 1714 – September 30, 1770), also known as George Whitfield, was an Anglican itinerant minister who helped spread the Great Awakening in Great Britain and, especially, in the British North American colonies. His ministry had tremendous impact on American society and American Christianity. He was a contemporary of Jonathan Edwards who's preaching undoubtedly led many people to saving faith in Christ. He was a powerful man of God with a commanding presence.

Whitefield was very popular in his time and is considered by many to be the founder of the Evangelical movement. Whitefield preached his first sermon in the Crypt Church in his home town of Gloucester. He had earlier become the leader of the Holy Club at Oxford when the Wesley brothers departed. The best known and the most written about Methodist when he adopted the practice of Hywel Harris of preaching in the open-air at Hanham's Mount, near Kingswood. In 1738, before going to America, where he became parish priest of Savannah, Georgia he invited John Wesley to preach in the open-air for the first time at Kingswood and then Blackheath, London. After a short stay in Georgia he returned home in the following year, resuming his open-air evangelistic activities. Whitefield would draw crowds with tens of thousands of people and speak to them in the open air where many would openly repent and weep over their sins as he preached the Gospel in a very convicting and powerful way.

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