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The Heritage Christian Fellowship Listserv

How to sign up for and use the Heritage Listserv


How it Works:

To join the listserv, enter your email address in this link:

Subscribe to HCF_Mens_Fellowship

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Anyone on the listserv can send a message to the entire group by emailing

Messages sent through the listserv are private within our church family.  Please be careful not to send anything to this address that is intended for just one person.  Replies to messages received on the listserv will also go to the whole group.

How We Use This Listserv:

This listserv is intended for communicating needs of our church family.  Appropriate uses include:

  • Prayer requests
  • Requests for help
  • Fellowship meeting notices
  • Schedule changes in church or fellowship functions
  • Cancellation of church or fellowship functions
  • Bible Study notices
  • Issues of concern to the fellowship
  • Church-wide communication of church matters

    This listserv is Not intended for:
  • Personal messages
  • Spamming, or forwarding of chain or "cute" messages
  • Political messages
  • Opinions or criticism
  • Subjects that do not involve the church family

    May we glorify HIM in all we do here.