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HCF Core Values

HCF Core Values

(For more on the Core Values of Heritage Christian Fellowship listen to the HCF Core Values Series with audio and handouts.) 

1. A High View of God - We value God far above everything, for He is the most worthy and valuable being that exists. It is imperative to see Him as He really is, the Creator of everything and paragon of all virtue, the Almighty God. It is our utmost desire to glorify God by pursuing a high view of God. To know God and to love Him is the all-consuming passion of our lives. The continual proclamation of His character and nature is a fundamental element in our worship. In fact, this is the definition of worship, to ascribe worth to God and to see, comprehend, experience, and exalt the glory of God. 

2. A High View of Scripture - We value the special revelation of God He has given us in His written Word, the Bible. Since the Holy Scriptures are in fact all sufficient, infallible, and inerrant, we seek always to have a high view of Scripture. The Scriptures contain all that we need for life, faith, and godly living because they are true and divine revelation of God Himself. We therefore seek always to understand the Bible better and teach the Bible very clearly. Clear and expository Bible teaching is a fundamental element in our worship.

3. The Cross - We value the cross of Jesus Christ. Christ's atoning sacrifice is the most important event in the history of creation. The cross was the fulfillment of Christ's work as our High Priest and the full payment for the redemption of mankind from his sins. In the cross we have the complete work of justification, which is available to us by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. The cross is central to the attitude of Christian living and the supreme example of God's love to mankind. If there ever was an act of divine wonder to worship and glory in, it is the cross of Jesus Christ!

4. Spiritual Transformation - We value personal holiness. Becoming like Christ is chief among our pursuits and spiritual transformation is something we continually strive for so that we take on the character and likeness of Christ in our thoughts, words, and deeds. True saving faith in Christ brings about an obedience to God's commandments which powerfully changes our lives. Bearing the fruit of the Spirit in our daily lives is our humble desire. This is the ministry of the Holy Spirit in sanctification, and our cooperation with Him is at the forefront of our worship. Humility and forbearing love are values of importance in our relation to God and to one another.

5. Discipleship - We value the ministry of discipleship within the body of Christ. This is the biblical method and divine example of true spiritual ministry within the church. The principles of fellowship, teaching, spiritual authority, and accountability are vital to the spiritual growth of Christians. Through the mutual encouragement of discipleship and the expression of each of our own personal spiritual gifts, we seek to be effective and productive ministers of the gospel. This is a vital part of the Christian life for all who seek to obey Christ.